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Home » In the News Publishing study found that 77.8% of top search results had a link to the specific page that ranked high on Google. External links are almost always present in competitive searches. Links are indeed the most important factor for search rankings.

Pub Partner Relationship

Who are they?

Our independent publishing partners are community newspaper websites and bloggers that are based in locations throughout the United States. Our roster of Pub Partners is always growing.

Content in Demand

They want what we have

Our publishing partners need creative headlines and unique content that won’t be found anywhere else. They need it for their readers and they need it for their own SEO.

The Linkable Asset

Content with important places to go

We write articles and blog posts that include information that will support a Featured News story. We keep a database of your articles and blog posts and link to them in an editorially-appropriate citation.

Socially Savvy

Pub Partners have learned to share

We coach our publishing partners on how to use social media to expose their content to a wider audience. You will benefit greatly from the added exposure!